Canada International Health Qigong Tournament & Exchange – Team Success

On Friday 16th September, seven members of the British Health Qigong Association travelled to Vancouver to represent Great Britain in the 4th International Health Qigong Tournament. The event was hosted by the Chinese Health Qigong Association and organised by The Canada

International Health Qigong Association. The GB group consisted of Tary Yip, Vice President of the British Health Qigong Association and head of the delegation, the five team members being Carol Gascoyne, John Read, Reg Carter, Min Beeharry and Jan Jackson plus their supporter Jenny Turner.

The tournament was particularly special because it was the first time that it had been held outside of China. It ran from Friday 16th September until Friday 23rd September and kicked off with an impressive Opening Ceremony on the morning of Saturday 17th September attended by 25 countries with over 300 participants.

The GB team had entered the Yi Jin Jing group category which was the first event to follow the Opening Ceremony. Their performance went well considering the jet lag and the team were surprised but delighted when they later discovered that they had been awarded second place. Yi Jin Jing was followed by some wonderful group performances of Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue and finally, Ba Duan Jin.

The groups were followed by the Yi Jin Jing Individual competitors. The Yi Jin Jing Individual Female event was a very popular one attracting around 36 entries. Carol was the only member of the GB team to enter this category and was thrilled to score 8.81 and eventually come away with a bronze medal. The Wu Qin Xi Individual Male category concluded the day and all the competitors returned to the hotel to eat and sleep.

As well as participating in the exchange and competition, the BHQA also played an active part in assisting the organiser and CHQA in their programme, Vise President Tary assisted and helped translate during meeting and training.

Although there were only 7 team members represented the UK, the team shined through the big troops of more than 300 participants, their pleasant characters and unique charisma attracted 4 different local and international television stations to feature on them.

First the team was interviewed by the local Vancouver television and they were asked about the development of Health Qigong in the UK and how they felt about the future of Health Qigong in the worldwide stage. The team members confidently asserted the high standard of Health Qigong training provided by the association and bright future of Health Qigong in the UK under the leadership of BHQA by detailing our plans for the future and with a little demonstration of Health Qigong.The interview and demonstration were featured in the morning programme in Vancouver for 3 days in a roll.

The the team were inteviewed by Xinhua News, the Chinese equivalent of Reuters, on their learning experience and benefits they get through the exercises. Some of the members have suffered from various type of  medical conditions and gained tremendous benefits from HQ, they became the. living example and evidence to how HQ can benefits people of all ages, physical fitness or various medical conditions. The interview was to be broadcast online through out the world.

Interview with the CCTV, Chinese Central Television, Chinese equivalent of the BBC was a highlight, master Tary was asked about the development of HQ in the UK and how we work with the CHQA in promoting Health Qigong in a broader spectrum. With the close working relationship with the CHQA and determination of the BHQA, Master Tary proudly confirmed that the BHQA is one of the most successful organisations outside China to promote HQ. He also  offered his gratitude to the unreserved support of the Chinese Health Qigong association and paid tributes to the hard work of all members of BHQA as well as the British team for their dedication and perseverance. He believes that the BHQA will bring great enthusiasm, friendship and excellent health benefits to people in the UK. the interview will be broadcast throughout the whole of China. The British Health Qigong Association has truly put it’s foothold in the world Tai Chi & Qigong stage.

Sunday 18th September started with the Wu Qin Xi Individual Female category and it was impossible not to be impressed with the high standard achieved by some competitors. The Liu Zi Jue Individual Male and Female categories followed with many more very inspiring performances. After lunch, it was time for the Ba Duan Jin Individuals. The female category of this routine attracted an amazing 52 entries which only goes to show how popular this routine is.

The Tournament was concluded with the Presentations and Closing Ceremony. The team from Great Britain were absolutely thrilled to receive a lovely glass trophy and Carol was delighted with her unexpected bronze medal. This was definitely the highlight of the weekend for them all.

It was a fantastic experience to be able to witness so many people of all ages and nationalities performing Health Qigong to such a high standard and made all the more enjoyable by the beautiful music which accompanied each routine.

That evening, all the competitors, judges and officials were treated to a Celebration Banquet which included some amazing Qigong and Tai Chi demonstrations including a very impressive demo of the Sun 38 form by Great Britain’s Tary Yip.

Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th September provided participants with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of Health Qigong further by taking part in some excellent training sessions in Yi Jin Jing and Mawangdui Daoyin Shu (a new Health Qigong form).

Everyone looked very nervous at breakfast on the morning of Wednesday 21st. This day was set aside for the Duan gradings and approximately 50 delegates spent the morning being assessed on their respective forms ranging from Duan 1 to 5. All the GB team were successful and presented with their certificates later that afternoon.

A tour of Vancouver was organised for Thursday 22nd and despite the rainy weather, this proved to be extremely interesting and made all the more enjoyable by the very entertaining English translation done by Tary. Some of the highlights of the tour included visits to Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park and China town.

The last day of the event came all too soon and by 10.30, most of the teams were saying their goodbyes before leaving for the airport and in the case of the GB team, the long journey home.

It has been a successful event and the BHQA demonstrated itself as the “Creme De la Creme” of the world Health Qigong circle.

Clips from one of the international TV stations featuring the International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange.

Feedback from team members;

– Carol Gascoyne
I feel  very lucky to have had the opportunity to take part in this tournament and exchange and am extremely grateful to The Chinese Health Qigong Association and The Canada International Health Qigong Association for making it all possible.  It was such a wonderful experience to be able to meet  and practice Health Qigong with so many people of different nationalities. It only goes to prove how popular Health Qigong is becoming around the world

– Min
It has been a fantastic experience and all round, it has been productive for the British Team. There has been such a warm ambience and it was great to forge link with the other athletes/participants. May this be a window of opportunity for everyone.

– Jenny Turner
I feel very lucky to have been able to go to Vancouver with the GB team as their supporter. It was a great experience to watch the competition and then have the opportunity to take part in the training session with so many Health Qigong practitioners from around the world. Everyone was so friendly and I had a wonderful time.


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